The most dangerous predator in the forest isn’t a Bear, or a Wolf, or even a Mountain Lion. It’s a little tiny beetle, and right now it has killed an overwhelming majority of the forests along the Continental Divide in the United States and Canada. Now you can be part of the solution and save our forests. 

Cutting a swath across the North American Rocky Mountains, these great forests are now dead or dying. From Canada to Mexico, the pine trees have been decimated by the devastating effects of the Mountain Pine Beetle.

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The Continental Divide is a large area stretching the length of the Rockies, from Canada to Mexico. Although actual mortality figures vary greatly, the dead trees in most of these forests now range from 85 to 95%! The devastation to our national forests is truly astonishing.

Unfortunately, most government agencies are understandably overwhelmed by the immensity of this damage. When epidemics of this proportion occur, even where there has been past management to combat it, it is difficult to keep up with the pace of new deadfall each year. Instead, many government agencies are working on a variety of projects to remove the dead and dying trees, through salvaging, removing hazardous trees from campgrounds, removing dead trees in areas that pose a fire hazard, spraying healthy trees in high use areas to prevent bark beetle attack, and ultimately planting new trees in a process called “reforestation.

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Whitebark pine destruction in Yellowstone National Park.

“This is a natural ecological event that is happening;

it has happened before, though perhaps not on this level,

or with this much potentially far-reaching damage.

The forest will eventually grow back,

…it just won’t be in our lifetime.”

"Death Of A Forest" from Michael Pellegatti -Wild Visions. 
At this time we are a Public Benefit Corporation and not a 501c3. 
However, we work with multiple foundations who are.




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